Tune into yourself

“Everything exposed to the light becomes visible, and everything that is illuminated itself becomes light itself”. – St. Paul

Even though we all seek meaningful connections, we also often avoid closeness and intimacy because it can be scary to our ego self, making it feel vulnerable and threatened. When that happens, we turn off and disconnect emotionally. We retreat into our false self as a defence mechanism. Our real self never fears or feels threatened by heartfelt connections. It knows how to connect and how to love. As our true nature blossoms, our ego fears and defences dissolve in the light of our love.

Learning to tune into yourself at any moment allows you to stand by and watch the ego arise and subside instead of engage with it. Having doubtful thoughts and fears when things are going well are the egos way of taking back control and returning you to your habitual conditioned mind. Note that you are not the ego nor the mind but the observer, remembering this should allow you to separate yourself from your thoughts thus eliminating negative emotions connected with self talk. Let thoughts come and go, don’t get too hung up on them with fear and anxiety.

Trying to block the ego out can only diminish the true self as it then becomes the main focus. You can’t block out the ego as this is part of your mind, instead you can become a silent witness to the thoughts of the ego. Becoming a witness increases your awareness allowing you to change the pessimistic thoughts created by the ego.


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