Moving through confusion 

You are here to co-create your life, not control, not force but to flow through life, trusting that the Universe/God has a meaning behind every experience. I personally struggled with the idea of co-creating my life with the Divine yet knowing that everything happens for a reason and trusting in a better outcome when things didn’t go as I had intended.

You REALLY want that job but don’t end up getting it. What is the next best step? In my opinion and experience I have found instead of feeling emotions of anger, frustration, fear and worry, just let it go. Go within. Go into the deep silence of yourself where you can be guided. Know that a power higher than you; the same power that allows your heart to beat, seeds to blossom and planets to align has something so much more in store for you, and this is just the beginning! Once you can get to that place of knowing and acceptance regardless of the situation and circumstances you are currently in, your life will flow with effortless ease. This state allows you to draw from it all the personal growth possible. You start to see the lessons in each event of your life and use them as tools of expansion and knowledge. Some of the worst times in a person’s life lead them to their greatest moments.

The aim in becoming silent is to allow yourself to detach from the external factors. People, possessions, events and circumstances are forever changing. Learning to detach from these things will allow you to accept situations as they arise instead of forcing a second outcome. Ask yourself: what is this here to teach me? You may be working long hours feeling exhausted when you become sick. This is the universe’s way of telling you to slow down. Life isn’t supposed to be a struggle. We are here to flow through life experiencing unlimited bliss.

Remember not to beat yourself up about how you are feeling. Negative emotions are normal and part of being human. Recognise now that you are becoming more aware of these thoughts and feelings and guide yourself to ones that feel better. In the words of Dr Wayne Dyer, “There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way.”


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