Friday thoughts

Friday 4th November 2016.
Accept your past without blame. Go within yourself to find the silence that guides you to your true self and through this you will find your purpose. We are all here to fulfil our Dharma. Don’t get so blind sided trying to please others by being someone you are not. We all essentially want the same thing in this life, happiness.

Note: The best way to reach inner silence is through the practice of meditation. Focus on the breath and allow the mental chatter to subside naturally. Guided meditations are usually easier for beginners.

Friday 11th November 2016.

What are you doing right now? What are your predominant thoughts? Are you spending each moment reflecting on past events and deliberating the future? Don’t forget all we really have is this moment, right now and then it’s gone. Zoning in on this helps you stay focused on what you want without listening to the ego’s doubts and fears. Stay present. Stay in tune with yourself. The present moment will safely guide you to the next with clarity and joy.

Note: It’s not so much what you are thinking, but how you are feeling. The feelings are a feedback mechanism of our predominant thoughts. If you’re feeling bad, change what’s going on inside the mind. Another way to do this is the repetition of affirmations; I am health, I am happy, I am prosperous, I am abundant. 


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