The present moment

What are we all really looking for? Is it the 6 bedroom house, the nice car and designer clothes, the closeness of another? It seems to be the feelings and emotions that these things offer we all crave so deeply. I’m here to put forward the idea of having these feelings without the possession of any external factors. To find the unconditional love, acceptance, inspiration and awareness you hold inside of yourself. You are here with intention and purpose and it is your responsibility to connect to it. Knocking down all the mental barriers you have built.

I am not saying that you should be without material possessions. But once you release all attachment and need for these possessions, they will come into your life multiplied. Craving and having emotions of need, suggest your pure presence here is not enough and you need external factors to be happy. In this state nothing will ever be enough and material objects will only ever supply you with momentarily happiness. Going on the quest for internal happiness ensures that no matter what you are left with extrinsically, you are always connected to the source of life.

We are all connected. We all came from the same place and will return to that same place. Knowing this allows you to remove the thoughts of ‘I am the body’ and accept the idea of being the presence of Being, within the body*. This thought may be hard to accept at first but once you do it enables you to receive the pleasure of giving to others as you merely see it as giving back to yourself. This is what was meant by Indian spiritual traditions when it was said: ‘All love is from yourself and for yourself’.

Learn to detach from the social status you have been labeled with. Know that you are not the job title, the degree, the possessions or past decisions. You didn’t come into Being with these things and none of these things are lasting. What is real and lasting is the person you came to be, how you impacted others and how you fulfilled your purpose here.

The physical world is in constant change yet we limit ourselves to the routine of our rigid ways. Start by becoming open to new thoughts, listen to an opposing opinion without resistance and accept it. This will allow a shift to take place inside and you will start to experience life as it should be, abundant and blissful. This is the ultimate state of Being, you will notice all struggle, all judgement and all forcing stops. You learn to live in a state of awareness, you notice when you are off track and everything seems to flow effortlessly. Not associating yourself with external factors lets you access the four fundamental levels of consciousness: being, thinking, feeling and doing. Bringing these together invoke the highest level of consciousness where you are able to access the ability to manifest your desires.

*Being the presence within the body – What does this actually mean?

This concept is hard to explain and took me a while to really understand and accept. If I’m not the body nor the mind or emotions then, who am I?  

You are the silent witness. The silent witness that is present in everyone and everything. Have you ever had a brief moment of realisation? Usually this is during silence and observation of nature. It’s a knowing that there is more than just this physical life. This brief moment of awareness is the Being I refer to that resides within. It’s only accessible when you are fully present in the now and disconnect from all thought.

Constant change occurs throughout life in physical form, yet the essence of Being still remains. Being present in the now allows you to fully accept each situation as it is. You stop all wishing for a different outcome and relax into the moment. This reduces the stress and the need to change what is going; trusting it will pass whilst in a state of joy.



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