Knowing that feelings are only temporary during heartbreak is so hard to accept. It feels like you will be in this state forever. You can’t even bear the thought of meeting someone else, being intimate with someone else or sharing your secrets with someone else. Opening yourself up and being the true you is such a brave thing – you allow yourself to become vulnerable to the person you trust more than anyone. You have a deep sense of forever, that you will never be without this person and you start to vision your life with them. It is so hard to love someone without attachment and I think it’s essential to go through heartache at least once to remind us not to become so attached.

Heartache is so much easier when you know the other person is feeling just as bad as you are. It gives you a weird sort of ease about it all – like it wasn’t all a waste of time because you both loved each other. To battle heartache when the person has lied to you makes you question all their feelings and intentions throughout your relationship. You want to wish them happiness but inside you just want them to feel half of what you do. Don’t feel guilty for hoping they regret their decisions – this really is normal and doesn’t make you a bad person.

Stop wishing for a different outcome. If you made it clear that you were willing to be there no matter what, as hard as it is to accept – the other person just doesn’t love you as much. True love has no boundaries, no obstacle that is too hard to overcome because the thought of not being with you is much worse. Having them not fight for you or even declare their feelings with real meaning feels like your heart has been pulled out. It’s really hard to see a time when you will be ok but know that you are worth so much more than a weak lover. Someone who is too scared to fight for you and say that you are the one or even give you a simple explanation to their actions.  Do you really want to be with someone like that?

To not have all the answers to the questions that go round and round in your head only keeps yourself from healing and moving on. Just accept they weren’t the person you thought. They were almost an illusion and fantasy you created in your mind. This helps to fall out of love with them and makes the whole process a lot easier.

You will meet someone else and be so grateful things never worked out with the other person. I know it doesn’t seem like that now, but time really is the greatest healer. Know that this event occurred in your life with reason and purpose. Feel that great things are coming, feel that this person wasn’t ready to take on the change about to commence in your life and know that you will meet someone so much better. Someone with so much more courage, strength, love, passion and connection. God doesn’t take things away without giving you something better.


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