Reality & Awareness

You are perceived differently in everyones mind, so whose reality is the right one? If one person can perceive you as kind and loving but another perceives you as distant and closed off, who is right? How mind-blowing is it that you can be multiple people in multiple realities just by the way someone chooses to think of you? This shows the power of thought and that of the mind.

Everyone has access to their own consciousness but you must first become aware of your consciousness to affect the reality you experience. You must be present in the now of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Ask yourself questions mentally, over and over and wait for the answers. Asking yourself questions mentally opens you up to expand your awareness – where you are able to move out of the conditioned mind and into the flow of spirit. Living in the flow of spirit aligns you with the individual purpose you came here to deliver. 

Each person has their own perception which creates the world they are living in – yes we are all connected to and from the same Source, but we are all experiencing our own individual reality from our own point of awareness. When you are feeling frustrated, stressed, uneasy, confused and depressed this is usually because you are edging further and further away from the reason why you are here. You are moving further away from the purpose of your being – the service you came to provide is waiting for you to deliver it. Stop asking what people can do for you and start asking what it is that you can do for others. 

Life is SO beautiful! Really observe what is going on around you. In the silence of the night and in the stillness of nature, you are that. You are a creation just like the views you admire. You are the sound of the tide coming in as the sun sets, you are that feeling of love when a mother holds her child for the first time. All of these visions and feelings are created by us and connected to us. Everything is manifested from a ground state – every thought, every feeling, every action and every experience. Awareness pulls you out of doing and into being. Being is the place where you can create your own life and really be present. Don’t just do something, feel it! Feel the emotions of joy when you are surrounded by friends and family, taste the foods that give you pleasure. Don’t just act out of habit – be present, be here, now! 

Take a few seconds each day to just simply observe the simple fact that you are here. You came into existence out of nothing, you have the power to choose your thoughts so use this to your advantage. Fill your mind with love, abundance, knowledge, and positivity. Embrace this short experience of life you have been given and become the most powerful, inspiring version of yourself possible. Vision yourself being the light in the room that uplifts people; release all doubt and fear. Your mind is a powerful tool and the more you get to know it, the more capable you become of mastering it. 


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