Uplifting Others

I used to work with a lady who is now one of my most cherished friends. When I first met her everything about her made me question who I was and how I could become more like her. Every person she came into contact with felt so uplifted by her presence, she walked through the room with a trail of light following her. Even on the days she may have felt tired or had other things on her mind she never lost that light. You yourself must have met someone – even a brief encounter – that made you feel the love emanating out of them lifting your mood.

Being so loving radiates into others energy field and makes them question what you are doing because they want to feel that good. Questioning themselves and their actions triggers the starting point of their journey into awakening. Awareness is the only way to open yourself up to the possibilities of change.

It is really important to stay connected to yourself and allow the anger, hurt, and negative feelings to pass through you in a non-judgemental state. Your past hurt has been bottled up inside of you for so many years without being addressed and now you are ready to embark on the journey of fulfilment, the time has come for you to shed this past. You will go through battles of negative self-talk and experience such lows (especially now you are more aware of your thoughts and feelings). Allow them to be, really feel and be in the moment of pain so it can pass. Bottling these emotions and putting band aids over them will only work for a short while – you need to fully expose the wound in order for it to heal. Don’t be hard on yourself for feeling or thinking in this way, it won’t last forever and doesn’t mean you have stopped any self-progress made. A tip to help these moments pass a little quicker is to detach yourself from the moment – close your eyes and watch yourself and your thoughts as if you were watching someone in a movie. Visualise yourself and pretend you aren’t that person, just allow the feelings and thoughts to come and go with ease. This helps you to disconnect from whatever is happening and just accept it for what it is without judgement or fear.

Sometimes on our journey, we start to shut off everyone who speaks negatively because we don’t want it to affect us. We must remember – sometimes people just need some reassurance, some affection, some words of encouragement that everything will be ok and you accept them for who they are no matter the situation. If you want to be the purest version of yourself don’t shut others down, lift them up! Become the question in everyone’s mind of how they can be more like you. Instead of telling them how to be and what to think, do and say – become aware of what YOU are thinking, doing and saying; this is how they are then able to go away and question themselves and how they can be more loving. We don’t need to judge and dictate how others live their lives, if we really want to implement change in others then we first must be the change we wish to see in them.


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