Have you ever noticed when you give up the need to force and follow what you desire, life just falls into place? Nothing is a struggle, you don’t need to chase up any leads – everything is handed to you on a plate and everything aligns so perfectly, the Universe has your back.

Once you are on the path of intention and purpose, the Universe (God) will draw what is needed to you. Life isn’t supposed to be struggle and effort, yet we make it. We get SO wrapped up in our current problems and our current emotions that we lose sight of how far we have come, how insignificant our problems actually are and become too absorbed in the negative emotions to allow for change.

We are creatures of habit, and creatures that have allowed dwelling to become a habit. Negative thoughts take root and extend out into our external life. Don’t allow yourself to continue these thoughts, just do what makes you happy but without pressure. You may want to find your purpose and turn it into a career but for now, continue in the job you do whilst making time for your passions and if this is your true purpose the Universe will bring an influx of opportunities to expand into your life.

Take a brief moment to think of people you know who’s life took an unexpected turn of events, they are now doing something they love all down to fate – they weren’t aware of the power they hold and how they can create their own life yet, they are manifesting their dreams with least effort. Sometimes when we become aware it can hinder our process because we know so deeply our innate power to create our life that we start to force things which then leave us feeling deflated and confused when they don’t take off. Learn to relax, really relax and trust that everything is working out as intended for your best life. We are co-creators meaning we hold the desire but release in the coming of the desire; we assist in the fruition of the desired by holding to it with no fear. Know with every part of you that this is destined for you and allow things to fall into place without doubting. Sometimes things you are trying to force aren’t ready to come into your life just yet, there are other journey’s you must take before this desire will give you the most reward in your life and allow you to reap its benefits in all other areas of your life.

Have you ever had a spontaneous moment that ended up leaving you with some of your best memories? Usually, because there were no high expectations and the event just flowed with no rigid plans that block any opportunity for change. Sometimes the pressure you put on things to work out blinds you from the other options available that may work out better. For example: you decide you want a 6 bedroom house, a 5 bedroom becomes available that is closer to work, close to public transport, cleaner environment, close to schools, etc., but because you were so focused on the 6 bedroom house you never even bothered to look into the other option available that offered more benefits in all other areas of your life. Remember to take everything one step at a time, this doesn’t mean to not have long term goals but have these goals with open minded-ness.

I guess in the end it all comes down to trust and vision. Trust that your vision will manifest in the perfect time and whilst you hold to that vision with certainty continue on the path that makes you feel good and with least resistance. Surround yourself with love, laughter, and abundance then watch how the natural laws of the Universe align you with your desires so effortlessly.


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