It's so funny how we think we know best and can over ride our intuition. If I have learnt one thing in the recent times it is that I will never doubt myself again. We are all so connected to Source and so in tune with our life that as soon as something is not … Continue reading Intuition



Have you ever noticed when you give up the need to force and follow what you desire, life just falls into place? Nothing is a struggle, you don’t need to chase up any leads - everything is handed to you on a plate and everything aligns so perfectly, the Universe has your back. Once you … Continue reading Desires

Uplifting Others

I used to work with a lady who is now one of my most cherished friends. When I first met her everything about her made me question who I was and how I could become more like her. Every person she came into contact with felt so uplifted by her presence, she walked through the … Continue reading Uplifting Others

How to heal if you aren’t able to let go after betrayal

Love is the deepest and strongest emotion felt by living beings. A deep connection with someone makes moving on that much harder. When you have visualised your life with them, trusted in them and opened your heart to them - how can you let them go? Asking yourself what is best for your self-progression and … Continue reading How to heal if you aren’t able to let go after betrayal

Friday thoughts

Friday 4th November 2016. Accept your past without blame. Go within yourself to find the silence that guides you to your true self and through this you will find your purpose. We are all here to fulfil our Dharma. Don’t get so blind sided trying to please others by being someone you are not. We … Continue reading Friday thoughts

Inner thoughts and outer reality

Loving someone means allowing them to be the person they are and not forming them to your ideal. Focusing on all the things you love about a person instead enhances your emotions towards and strengthens the bond with that individual. It is so easy for us to pick up on the little things we dislike … Continue reading Inner thoughts and outer reality